About You

Many Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) are still struggling to cope with the digital age and therefore prefer to keep to the tried and tested methods of running a business with paper records.


They are however surrounded by competitors who are benefiting from the economies of using digital technology to streamline their business.


After 45 years working in the accountancy profession I formed this company to continue using some of my specialist skills.

When I started in the 1970's adding machines and electric typewriters were the IT of the day.

Now things have changed and instead of masses of paperwork most accounts are processed using computer software, E-mails and internet submissions.

I have been a part of making that transition work efficiently and economically by the design of spreadsheets, PDF forms and paperless files.

Welcome to Formwrite (Lancashire) Limited

Formwrite (Lancashire) Limited is here to help you develop spreadsheet and other IT solutions to streamline your accountancy procedures.

Our firm can develop simple digital solutions to make running your business easier:

·         Spreadsheets to speed up your bookkeeping and record keeping

·         PDF forms to enable data to be collected in a consistent form either digitally or on paper.

·         Creation of digital stationery so that correspondence, invoices etc. can be sent electronically or printed on plain paper if necessary.